Special Features Unearthed in Mummy’s Gold Slot

Uncover the secrets of the Pharaohs with the enticing special features of Mummy’s Gold Slot, each crafted to enhance the gaming experience and increase the potential for golden wins.

Wild Symbol replacing any other symbol except for scatters

Wild Symbols: The Pharaoh’s Blessing

  • Substitution Power: Wild symbols act as the Pharaoh’s blessing, replacing any other symbol, except for scatters, to complete a winning combination on the reels.
  • Multiplier Magic: When a wild is part of a winning line, it substitutes and applies a 3x multiplier, magnifying the win as if touched by the hand of the Pharaoh himself​​.

Scatter Symbols: The Mummy’s Secret Map

  • Ancient Unlockers: Scatter symbols resemble a secret map left by the mummies, which unlock the way to the hidden chamber of free spins when lined up.
  • Beacon to Bonus: Unlike regular symbols, scatters shine as a beacon to the bonus feature, regardless of their position on the pay lines​​.

Free Spins: Tomb of Hidden Rounds

  • Initial Discovery: Landing the sacred trio of scatter symbols awards players ten initial free spins, revealing the tomb’s hidden rounds.
  • Continual Exploration: These free spins are not a one-time find; the feature can be reactivated, allowing players to delve deeper into the tomb with additional free spins during the bonus rounds​.

Gamble Feature: The Risk of the Ankh

  • Ritual of Chance: Following any win, the gamble feature presents a ritual where players can wager their winnings on the chance of a hidden card’s color or suit.
  • Ankh’s Decision: A correct prediction of color doubles the winnings, while the correct suit quadruples them, invoking Ankh’s power to bestow fortune or reclaim the treasure​​.
A correct prediction of color doubles the winnings in Mummy's Gold Slot

Feature Highlights

  • Exclusive Symbols: Both wild and scatter symbols are styled uniquely to resonate with the game’s ancient Egyptian theme.
  • Interactive Rounds: The gamble feature adds an interactive element, directly involving players in the fate of their winnings.
  • Narrative Driven: Each unique feature is woven into the narrative, providing a thematic depth beyond mere mechanics.